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Jars of local honey displayed you can buy this honey on our shop page


At Beekos, we are passionate about bees, beekeeping, and of course, honey! We are a family run business, proudly run by a third-generation beekeeper. Our focus is on producing quality, local honey, as well as offering beekeeping courses and bee-related products.


We are committed to helping people learn about the fascinating world of beekeeping, and to bring awareness to the importance of bees in our environment. Whether you’re looking for delicious honey, or to learn more about beekeeping, Beekos has you covered.



At Beekos, we are passionate about bees and beekeeping. We help new and experienced beekeepers alike learn more about bees and how to keep them. Our courses are designed to provide comprehensive information on beekeeping and are tailored to meet the needs of all levels.


We also provide support for beekeepers, from troubleshooting to advice on how to best care for your colonies. Our goal is to help beekeepers become successful, passionate about beekeeping and part of the beekeeping community.

Beekeeper checking his bees


Come and meet the amazing team behind Beekos! Our highly experienced family of beekeepers has a long history of passionate care of bees and fantastic honey production. Let us show you why we are one of the most trusted names in beekeeping.

Beekos honey bees
“Hands down THE BEST honey I have ever tasted, it comes in a professional looking jar complete with a miniature honey dipper. I can’t wait for breakfast! I will definitely be back for more.”

Lewis T




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